Kaori graduated from the Musashino Academia Musicae in 1996, majoring in flute studies from the Department of Musical Education. She took up the piano from the tender age of 3 under the tutorage of Koji Ito and Noriko Nagato, also studying the flute under Ikuko Kuroda and Takao Saeki. Upon graduating from the Academy, Kaori joined the Japan Overseas Cooperation of Volunteers and spent the following 3 years in the Republic of Zimbabwe as a music teacher. During her time in Africa, she participated in various music festivals and contests. After her return to Japan, Kaori resumed her musical endeavors whilst working in the filed of international relations. Her solo concert in 2005 was a great success and she continues current activities as a flute instructor, performer and piano accompanist.


Teaching Flute in YAMAHA Music school


A member of JOCV in Zimbabwe
- Teaching Music in the Mabelreign Girls High School
and a school for physically challenged children
- Organizing events to introduce Japanese culture
and some music concerts at rural areas
- Hold a concert in Harare International Festival of Arts
- Appearing on a TV program for a Christmas charity event
- Playing flute with a famous Zimbabwean musician


2001〜 2002

Temporary staff of Japan International Cooperation Agency
at Tokyo International center.
- Coordinating the program for recruiting the members of JOCV.
- Public relations
- Planning cultural exchange events


2002 〜 2004

Temporary staff of Japan international Cooperation Agency
at Chiba International Center.
- Planning international cooperation events/workshops.
- Subsidizing for NGO in Chiba.
- Having development educations lectures.


2004 〜 2006

Staff of Chiba YMCA at Kashiwa Center
- Coordinating our English class and teachers.

- Leading to children’s camp as a camp director.



2006 〜present

flute teacher for private lesson